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Active projects

Kagamine Len Cafe

____________________This is my server! Place for Kagamine Len fans and Vocaloid fans in general.As a server owner, I have done most of the server building and creating our staff procedures. This server has been running for 3 years and is what kickstarted my moderation journey

| Fan server | 7/18/19 - Current

| Content Creator |
7/1/22 - Current

Wilbur Soot

____________________Official Discord server for the content creator Wilbur Soot!I'm there to make sure everyone is abiding by the rules along with providing support in SootMail messages if anyone has a question or concern. As a senior moderator I also help run events / put out announcements - along with other things behind the scenesI'm a regular in chat so if you'd like to talk you know where to find me!(outdated will update soon :D)


____________________Official Discord server for the band Lovejoy (you should check their music out!)Similarly to other servers, I make sure everyone is following the rules and I answer inquires through the ModMail system. As staff here we also give out info regarding concerts or upcoming projects

| Indie Rock Band | 2/2/23 - Current

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On-Call projects

Kagamine Rin-Rin Radio
| Fan server | 10/22/19 - 9/26/21
Here I served as a full Admin until 9/26/21. While I am retired, I occasionally help out the staff on-call, as needed, and help put together events with the Owner if they are in need of someone at the time. This is during activity spikes or if there aren't many staff members available

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Former projects

Mario Kart
| Discord Partnered | 3/18/22 - 8/9/22
Official Discord server for r/MarioKart!Here I was a temporary moderator to help with the increased activity spike due to Nintendo releasing 8 new tracks on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I ended up staying here a while after getting used to the rest of the team and wanted to help improve the server.Duties included watching chat normally to make sure there is no rule-breakers, and to moderate VCs━━Vocaloid Club
| Fan server | 1/29/21 - 11/20/21
Fan server for Vocaloid and Vocal synth fans, here I served as an Administrator! It was my job to make sure the server looked nice and tidy, and to take care of channel/bot setup. While generally chatting I also had to make sure users were following the rules.I also often made sure everyone was up to date Vocaloid news wise. I gave links to new song releases and announced new collabs, merchandise, software updates,and more. Some of the news were cross-posted from my server, Kagamine Len Cafe via announcement following━━SCTV
| Content Creator | 5/12/20 - 8/9/22
Official server for the Youtube Channel Sans Comic TV. At first I worked as a Gatekeeper, making verifying people into the server and making sure no raids are able to past the server gates.Shortly after I was promoted to Moderator / Art Moderator! As a moderator I checked up on chat like usual and as an Art moderator I made sure no one was stealing / tracing any works━━JAGZSXE
| Content Creator | 12/16/20 - 12/31/21
Formally known as RedJagz, this is a server for the content creator JAGZ!
I served as a server editor who is in charge of everything regarding server building/setup.
━━The Discord Stickerbook
| Community Server | 12/23/20 - 12/31/21
This was a server meant for all of our lovely sticker fans out there! I served an Admin who helps with server setup and basic chat moderation. Stickerbook was small chill server welcoming to everyone.━━NNSG Fanclub
| Fan server | 12/25/19 - 8/20/20
This was a fanclub for the 100% totally serious and professional web series Nyan Neko Sugar Girls from SoapOpera46.Originally I had been set as Admin temporarily to put raid countermeasures on the server, but after I while I ended up staying to help with overall server building and chat moderation━━DragonFire's Domain
| Content Creator | 11/01/20 - 5/29/21
This was a server for Dragonfire and her community to hangout. The server had been inactive and not used for some time. I was staffed in order to bring the server back to life! The server revival went well and now the server has been functioning well━━The Juice Box
| Content Creator | 03/12/20 - 06/26/20
This was a server for the voice actor LenRinTwin. I had been modded after being contacted by someone on their staff team. My job was basic chat moderation and user report support. I also helped on the server's join flood gate when needed. I modded for the server until it's eventual shutdown